Michael Speach has worked in the construction industry all of his life. Twenty-Five years ago he was introduced to the creative field of decorative concrete. As he started exploring the many facets of how concrete could be finished, a new passion was born. He has worked both in Florida and Georgia transforming ordinary slabs of concrete into colorful pieces of art with tints and shades of every color imaginable. He loves creating something new for his customers, interior or exterior, a design they will enjoy for years to come.   


These past years have been one of fine-tuning his craft. He has had the most incredible opportunity to meet and work with one of the
giants in the decorative concrete industry. Bob Harris who is the owner of the Decorative Concrete Institute and Michael have work together on various projects. Michael has also had the good luck to be a part of the decorative workshops held at the institute working side by side with Bob. As in any profession, your quality of work is directly related to the continued education, introduction to new products available on the market and keeping yourself mindful of the ever-changing industry.

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